A native of Buffalo, NY, Teagan Faran is a multidisciplinary musician focused on enacting social change through the arts. She has recorded with the Buffalo Tango Orkestra, La Martino Orquesta Típica, and had compositions featured at the NYSSMA Conference and the Persis Vehar Competition for Excellence. Faran has recently served as concertmaster of the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra and the Ann Arbor Camerata and was a member of the Orquesta Escuela de Emilio Balcarce.

As a soloist, Faran has performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra (including a performance in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy), the Ann Arbor Camerata, the Williamsville East Symphonic Orchestra, and the University of Vermont Symphony.


Administratively, she worked as the AAC’s executive director for a season, and held internship positions in the Marketing and Education Departments of the Buffalo Philharmonic, and Education and Concerts/Touring with Jazz at Lincoln Center. She founded Ann Arbor arts collective Red Shoe Company and was a teaching artist for the University Musical Society and the Sphinx Organization.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Faran moved to Buenos Aires on a Fulbright grant. Faran was also a Turn The Spotlight Fellow, receiving their inaugural Hedwig Holbrook Prize. She is currently attending the Manhattan School of Music, pursuing a Masters in Contemporary Performance.

Teagan is also an active web designer, notably for research labs at the University of Michigan Biomedical Engineering program. See samples of her work here.

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The Sphinx Organization and YouthQuest put together a video series for their students after in-person classes were cancelled in March 2020. Here's the video I made for the series, focusing on aural skills, featuring the classic "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"!

I've been working with the University Musical Society as a Teaching Artist for two seasons. To continue to connect with our students during the COVID-19 shutdowns, we've launched the UMS Performance Playground. Check out our series on 21st Century Orchestras and an Introduction to Tango!


With Red Shoe Company, we have a week-long Creative Process Workshop designed to get your students creating their own musical and theatrical works. Classes cover composition, movement, improvisation and story-telling. See what some students came up with below!



The stage lets us see our world in a different light. We may discover ourselves in the protagonists of the night's plot or just enjoy a moment to breathe. Find a list of curated shows below. For booking or sheet music inquiries, please contact teaganfaran@gmail.com.

Di-Vision - for string sextet and two dancers.

Set in two-parts, we explore the boundaries we set-up between ourselves and those we ascribe as "other." Originally in collaboration with the Coalition on Temporary Shelter in Detroit, this program features Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht as well as original arrangements of Josquin, Bach, and Ellington.

Watch an excerpt here

Children's Corner - for Pierrot Ensemble and 3 dancers.

Inspired by Claude Debussy's suite written for his daughter and expanded into an evening-length performance, we see three dolls come to life and grapple with their differences.

Watch here.

I, Girl - for solo violin and storytellers.

What sort of world have we made for the daughters of today? Music by living, female composers paired with stories about what it's like to grow up a girl and asks us if we can't be better.

Watch an excerpt here.

If We Listen - for five violins and animation.

Featuring original animation by Abby Clemens, this program guides the audience through writing a letter to their past self as we reflect on the changes happening in our society. With a focus on female empowerment, sexual harassment in academia, and the continued gendered wage gap, this concert asks how much we could accomplish If We Listen. Music includes works by Eve Beglarian, Augusta Read Thomas, Maurice Ravel, Paul McCartney, and Julia Wolfe.

Little Things - for solo violin; with guided meditation.

A reflection on the communities we build and how we self-identify. Original music from Buenos Aires looks at the relationship between our traditional Western concert stage and the world at large.

Listen now!

Sheet music available for download​.

Home - for string quartet and dancers.

How do you find a place where you belong when the world around you looks so uninviting? Featuring a new quartet by Carlos Simon, Red Shoe Company explores stories of people searching for home - and how our relationship to home has changed in 2020. This performance includes music by Jesse Montgomery, Nina Shekhar, Jerod Tate, and Julián Peralta. 


Contemporary Performance


Canyons - Tanner Porter; for string orchestra // Concert Premiere - February 2020 at Ypsilanti Freighthouse, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Warmth from Other Suns - Carlos Simon; for string quartet // February 2020 at the SphinxConnect conference

Espejismo - Rodrigo Avalos; for violin solo // Recorded November 2019 at Estudio Punto Ar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Passalleca Porteña - Amijai Shalev; for violin solo // October 2019 at Cafe Vinilo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tres + Uno - Julián Graciano; for violin solo // October 2019 at Cafe Vinilo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Construcciones - Javier Bravo; for violin and bandoneón // October 2019 at La Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Act Like You Know - Corey Dundee; for violin, saxophone, and piano // October 2018 at the MTNA Conference

A Little Lower than Angels - Nathan Thatcher; for violin, saxophone, and piano // November 2017 at Northside Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Portrait of a Queen - Carlos Simon; for chamber orchestra // 2017 at Stamps Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Be Still and Know - Carlos Simon; for piano trio // 2015 - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Anam Cara - Christine Hedden; for violin and cello // 2015 - Ann Arbor, Michigan

An Elegy: A Cry from the Grave - Carlos Simon; for string quartet // 2015 - Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Sun Will Rise Still - JP Wogaman // January 2015 at McIntosh Theatre, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Commissions & Dedications

Warmth from Other Suns (2020) - Carlos Simon; for string quartet with Red Shoe Company

Casimiro (2019) - Julián Graciano; for violin solo

Espejismo (2019) - Rodrigo Avalos; for violin solo

Construcciones (2019) - Javier Bravo; for violin and bandoneón

Passalleca Porteña (2019) - Amijai Shalev; for violin solo

Act Like You Know (2018) - Corey Dundee; for violin, saxophone, and piano with CAYO trio

Shades of Hesitation (2018) - Tanner Porter; for violin solo

Six Sides from the Shape of Us (2017) - Tanner Porter; for string quartet with Red Shoe Company

Be Still and Know (2015) - Carlos Simon; for piano trio

Iridescent (2015) - GraceAnn Lee; for violin solo

Anam Cara (2015) - Christine Hedden; for violin and cello

Solo for Violin in Blue (2014) - Mitch Stepien; for violin solo