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Nicole Brancato - pianist, composer


Award-winning pianist Nicole Brancato has performed throughout America and Italy, appearing in such venues as Lincoln Center, the Guggenheim, and the 92Y, as well as the “underground” performance spaces in New York City and on New York Public Radio. She is a champion of creative and conceptual performance and has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Time Out New York, and on the international television network Rai Italia.

In addition to her pursuit of music, Nicole was very active in the visual and literary arts from a young age. She enjoys creating in those mediums whenever she has time away from the piano, and she loves to surround herself with artists of all kinds, learning from their uniquely honed perspectives. Included in our sound installation are two portraits of Nicole by esteemed painters Yedidya Hershberg and Zofia Bogusz, as well as three of her own visual works: two charcoal drawings and one painting.

Nicole has an affinity for collaboration across fields and disciplines, and she finds great joy in cultivating connective, intellectual, and provocative experiences across the arts. To her, interdisciplinary collaboration means skillfully, imaginatively, and mindfully activating multiple senses towards a creative purpose. Through this process, she aims to examine the human condition, and in doing so, ignite a sense of connectivity, inspiration, and wonderment in those around her.

Nicole is also deeply fond of the sciences, especially astronomy. Her obsession with the cosmos manifests frequently in her artistic pursuits as well as the entertainment she consumes, which is heavily sci-fi oriented. To learn about Nicole’s professional life as a pianist, visit her website at

Project Highlights:

Hammontree & Brancato: Trumpets from Around the World

Trumpet player Greg Hammontree's new album "Trumpets from Around the World" features his original genre-defying compositions for an incredible variety and combination of horns. The many sonic perspectives he achieved in his work are accomplished by only two performers: Nicole Brancato on keyboard/electronics, and himself on 18 different trumpets. Funded in part by the Queens Council on the Arts.


Casella Pagine di Guerra Movt. 3, 2Squared pianists Nicole Brancato, Andrew Ranaudo

Alfredo Casella: Pagine di guerra: cinque "films" musicale Op. 25                             

III. In Russia: carica di cavalleria cosacca (In Russia: Cossack Cavalry Charge)

Performed by: Nicole Brancato & Andrew Ranaudo

            Accompanying the performance are authentic WWI newsreels.


Goðafoss by Joel Pierson, featuring 2Squared Piano Duo

Joel Pierson: Goðafoss

Performed by: Nicole Brancato & Andrew Ranaudo

            Dr. Joel Pierson is known for his dry and witty sarcasm, both in person and in his publications. In his own words, the composer describes his composition: “It’s about a big waterfall. Whoosh, splash, whoosh. It’s hard to play.”

Visual Art included on this page, in order of appearance:

- Bear Claw, charcoal

- Martian Marshmallow Mountains, acrylic

- Planetary Harvest, charcoal

- Portrait by Yedidya Hershberg

- Portrait by Zofia Bogusz

Nicole - Planetary Harvest, charcoal.jpg
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Nicole - Martian Marshmallow Mountains,
Nicole - Bear Claw, charcoal.jpg
Nicole - Portrait by Yedidya hershberg.j