Laura Bibbs
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Laura Bibbs is a performer, composer, singer, and trumpet player. Her eclectic taste in music has led her on a unique and fulfilling musical journey.


Laura has performed in notable US venues such as Boston’s Symphony Hall and New York City’s Symphony Space, in addition to her international engagements in Spain. During her time in Spain, she enjoyed traveling throughout Europe, learning about the music and culture of not only Spain, but Vienna, Germany, England and Ireland.


Laura sings and plays trumpet in Soul of Boston, a touring nine person band that performs a variety of genres, including music from artists such as Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, and Cardi B. Laura has toured with Soul of Boston across the East Coast.


Her first composition ‘Absence’ recently premiered, demonstrating her passion and vulnerability through the usage of electronics, spoken word and trumpet.


In 2015, Laura moved to Boston to study orchestral trumpet with Thomas Siders. She received her bachelor's degree in music from Boston Conservatory at Berklee in 2019, and is currently pursuing a masters degree at Manhattan School of Music where she studies with both Jon Faddis and Brandon Ridenour in the Contemporary program.

Photo by: BLKFLWRS