Welcome to MSM's first onsite

Sound Art Installation!

brought to you by Tactus,

the Contemporary Performance Program's resident ensemble

General Curation - Nicole and Teagan
Artistic Design - Alyson, Emmalie, Gabe, and Laura
Tech Crew - Jordan and Han
Ambient Sound Design - Maxine, Laura, and Jon
General Exhibit Prep - Steph, Maxine, Makana, and Jon
Web Design - Teagan
Tactus Artistic Director - Margaret Kampmeier
Taking inspiration from the 7 Tetris blocks, the Contemporary Performance Program's first ever sound installation, Tactus Tetris, explores the idea of individuality as we work to fit into a larger whole. How are we unique? How does that help us fit together? What happens to us when too much stacks up? How can we come together to reset when it's all too much? 
Find full descriptions of each station below:
1. Portals - 
  • by Han geul Lee

This installation uses a classic arcade game - snake - as a vehicle for soundscape generation. As there are no win conditions or consequences for losing, players may make gameplay decisions based on their personal goals such as extending the length of the snake, the soundscape currently being generated, or even the graphics being displayed by the snake itself. It is an attempt at removing players from their physically occupied space through gameplay, gameplay visuals, gameplay-resultant soundscapes, and the jarring disparity between all of those things.

2. Getting Through It 
  • by Jordan Bartow

Getting Through It is a mixed media sound-art installation that uses audio clips submitted by members of the community. The audio clips are treated in the program Ableton Live with electronic processing, and then a sound-scape is infinitely procedurally generated. The video element is realized using the V-synth module in the program Max/MSP. A combination of video waves is procedurally generated and modulated in real time based on the activity happening in the soundscape. This first iteration consists of members and faculty of CPP, and a second iteration containing submissions from the broader community shall be created to follow. 


Iteration 1 credits


CPP Faculty 

Margaret Kampmeier

Lucy Shelton

Christopher Oldfather

John Ferrari


CPP Students

Nicole Brancato (1st year)

Gabriel Garcia (1st year)

Teagan Faran (1st year)

Emmalie Tello (1st year) 

Han Lee (2nd year)

Alyson Kanne (2nd year)

Maxine Troglauer (2nd year)

Yoshi Weinberg (CPP alum)

3. What If?

  • If We Listen to Birds Sometimes by Nadine Dyskant-Miller (2014)

    • Flute by Stephanie Dressler, Narration by Nicole Brancato, installation design by Teagan Faran 

  • Listen closely to the questions and respond to the ones that resonate with you. Or, respond with a new question. Write these down, and pin them up here, or share them on Instagram via #TactusTetris

4. CPPet Therapy


Nobody knows how to comfort us during the busy hours of finals like our beloved pets. Pictured here are some of our furry friends in the contemporary department! Want to share your pet? Click here to see how!

5. PWE Playlist

An important part of contemporary performance is working with electronics, both as a performer and as a composer. These are a sample of CPP members’ recent compositions, featuring both electronic and acoustic elements.

6. Tactus - Streamed!


The critically-acclaimed Tactus ensemble of the Manhattan School of Music Contemporary Performance Program performs classical works from the last 100 years.


"Ambitious... finely polished... spirited"

- Allan Kozinn, The New York Times


Our most recent Live Streams feature a wide variety of music that spans the century. 

7. Meet CPP!


The Contemporary Performance Program at MSM is a tight-knit group of diverse musicians that share a love for the music of our time, and together they form the critically-acclaimed Tactus ensemble. Learn more about what lured them into contemporary music, what makes them tick, and what cool things they have going on.

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